The Green Solution - Fish instead of Chemicals

The green solution: Fish instead of Chemicals

Both big and small open-water reservoirs, are used for drinking, watering and for ornament purposes. Being exposed to the sun and the open air, they produce vegetation, algae and micro-organisms.

With no man interference, the water reservoirs develop vegetation and algae, resulting in loss of cleanliness and capacity.

For many years, the treatment for such problem has been based on use of chemical substances, which are both unhealthy and pricy. Moreover, they were hardly efficient once used on large areas of water.

The solution suggested here is based on populating one water reservoir with a number of fish species, each nourished by a different natural feed, and  together they keep the water and its bottom clean. An example can be seen in the following picture: each type "takes care" of a different feed 

The process of such populating would be done annually, while controlling the ratio of fish verses the size of the reservoir.

In Israel, Mekorot, a company that supplies water throughout the country, has been successfully populating its water resources in this method for 25 years!!

The Sea of Galilee, which provides drinking water for the state of Israel, is annually populated with different types of fish in a natural way and therefore protects its ecology.

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Clean water with fish



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