Our Projects

Sini Perca

In 2016

Build Recirculation Aquaculture system in China to grow high quality of fresh water fish
- Sini Perca – Mandarin Fish – and development special dry feed.

Restock Tudakul lake with 6 types of fish

Since 2002

Development of a structure which enables to combine both growing systems of fish ponds and in the big lake, Tudakul lake in Uzbekistan. Growing fingerlings (till the size of 50 gr.) and transfer them to the lake, until the growth of the market size (1.5 kg). In the total, the lake produces 2,000 tones a year!!! This combination allows the usage of the natural structure, which saves food, energy and manpower!!

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Integrated project -  Utilization of water for raising fish and irrigation

Since 1996

in Kibbutz Neve Eitan in Israel, a very successful integrated project that combines an extensive raise of fish for consumption in a reservoir with an intensive raise of fingerlings in adjacent plastic ponds.

Salt-water Shrimps & red Tillapia cultivation

In 1994

A unique project was established in Ecuador for salt-water shrimps cultivation in which red tilapia was also cultivated as a polyculture crop.
The presence of the tilapia contributed to the solution of the crab disease problem and the increasing marketing of tilapia for the US market brought farm cultivation to three thousand live tons daily.

Cultivation of Tilapia and Cachama together

In 1990

The area designated for cultivation in Polyculture System:
1. Tilapia and Cachama 

2. Tilapia and sweet water shrimps

It was expanded later to a combined area of 45 hectares.

Cachama in Venezuela

In 1981

The project for Cachama Monoculture cultivation was established in Venezuela. 

And later on we also grew in Polyculture System Cachama and Mullet.

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