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Ecological Restock - SEAS ,LAKES RIVERS

The future feed- restocking seas, lakes and rivers with fish

Planet Earth is composed of 71% water and 29% land. The seas, the lakes and the rivers supply more food to the world than meat and game. Fish feed humans, fish, birds, sea-lions and seals, penguins and more.

At the beginning of the 21st century, there seem to be a decrease in the world fish catch. This phenomenon escalates due to excessive fishing, use of illegal catching nets and killing small fish as a result, and the entry of fishing ships into natural reproduction zones.

As a result, the different water reservoirs are unable to produce enough fish naturally for all “consumers”. A suitable, ecological solution must be found to this problem, in order to efficiently use the important resource of water – to supply enough food for the increasing world population.

A living example can be seen Restocking enhancement in the Mediterranean Sea.

Fish breeding in cages and artificial ponds, which are meant to partially compensate for the lack of fish, will soon encounter a shortage of raw materials for feed (the different grains and flours) and thus very high product prices, which will then hurt those projects financially.

The solution we offer to resolve this problem is to restock different fish species in seas, lakes and rivers according to each area’s nature, without using artificial food (pellets).  The key to this solution is based on knowledge and experience in fish spawning of many types that we have developed.

A living example can be seen in Uzbekistan

The restock method resembles the organic fish breeding: populating different types of fish in a relatively low density (50-200 per Hectare), which will feed on natural feed only, that is found in the water reservoir.

Ecological Restock: About
Mountians and Lake

Blue Revolution - Future food will be grown in Water

Making use of the existing natural water bodies: seas, lakes and rivers is possible
with relatively little investment, relying on natural existing infrastructures.

Populating fish in open water body - The World`s Future Food

The global population rate of growth exceeds that of meat and poultry production rates.
The shortage not only of meat but of the raw materials for feeding both humans and
animals is rapidly growing!

Fish Pail
Clear Water Lake

Restock Fish in Natural Reservoirs

Populating of various types of fish in low density, determined by local conditions: water temperature, existent types of fish, water exchange and quality of the water and bottom of the Reservoir.

Ecological Restock: Research

This method improves significantly the ratio of omega 3 verses omega 6. This can be seen in a test that took place in Israel, between the Sea of Galilee (natural resource) and an artificial fish pond. A good result would be 1 unit of omega 3 to 1.4>omega 6:.

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