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GALIDI Fish Farming Consultant

What we Do

The Galidi Company specializes in initiating and undertaking projects for extensive and intensive cultivation of fish, for consumption and ornamental purposes.
In addition to initiating projects, Galidi also specializes in raising fingerlings, fish alimentation and fattening, marketing, and processing of fish.

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GALIDI - Aquaculture Project Consulting

Our Goal

Galidi has been dealing with consultancy and management of fish farming projects in Israel and around the world for 28 years.
Ofer Berzak, the company’s CEO, has 48 years of experience in the field.
Galidi specializes in locating potential natural sites for fish farming in consideration of the environmental conditions and the requirements of the local markets.
The company holds a great deal of knowledge in all topics related to fish culture: spawning, weaning, feeding and harvesting, as well as the processing and packaging of the harvest, the provision of Fry and Juvenile fish, harvesting equipment, daily maintenance and fish health.

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Our Services

Galidi offers a variety of consultation, planning, and management services:

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Project planning and implementation from A to Z.

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Project feasibility analysis (including physical survey of area.)

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Supplying of fish, equipment, food


Provision of professional labor force for management of fish farms


Marketing of fish


Brokerage between producers and European and US marketing firms

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Contact us

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